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World’s Most Expensive Flight Is A Three-Room ‘Penthouse In The Sky’

World’s Most Expensive Flight

The world’s “most exclusive cabin in the sky, where a truly unique and bespoke experience is delivered with complete discretion and limitless hospitality” costs a fortune.

A UAE-based airline has introduced the “world’s most exclusive flight” and, yes, it’s as obscenely expensive as you’d expect.

Etihad Airway’s three-room “penthouse in the sky” called “the Residence” will cost you $36,000 – a year’s salary for many – from New York to Mumbai.

But that’s just for a one-way ticket, mind you.

If you want to get back on a return flight you’ll have to shell out a staggering total of $76,000.

So what does this insane amount of money get you exactly?

As stated above it’s a three-room residence, including a living room, bedroom and an ensuite bathroom, complete with a personal Savoy-trained butler, in-flight chef and lifestyle concierge.

While the beds are covered in “designer Italian linen,” pre-flight customized gourmet food is served on 24-carat gold-plated plates.


Etihad Airways, Click next and check out more images of this luxury aircraft….


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