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World’s Largest Shopping Destination : Dubai

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Dubai Shopping

The Dubai Shopping Festival is considered to be known as the most exciting shopping festivals of Dubai. This festival is organized at the starting of a year and just before arrival of summer. The Shopping Festival is something that has made Dubai proud.

Dubai has expanded over the past 20 years and contributes a large portion towards United Arab Emirates’ economy, if not as much as Abu Dhabi. The major part of Dubai’s economy is due to the large number of tourists the city attracts, owing to its rich architectural structures and big shopping deals.

Shopping in Dubai is a national past time, for visitors, locals as well as residents of the city. Dubai is famous for its shopping festivals that are held in the city, two times in a year. The most popular shopping extravaganza amongst the two is the Dubai Shopping Festival or the DSF that has a record of attracting millions of people alone for this mega fest.

Shopping in Dubai

World’s Largest Shopping Destination : Dubai


There are five most popular shopping hubs in Dubai, that has made the city one of the World’s largest shopping destinations.

Dubai Shopping Mall

No matter how many malls come up in Dubai, the Dubai Mall is still the one that provides people with a complete shopping experience. This mall is more of a mini-city, complete with indoor waterfall, ski-rink and an increasing number of food outlets.

Deira Gold Market

The market or Souk is lined with several shops selling gold of all different designs, varying from gold jewellery to gold bars. You can make some of the best bargains in this Souk, which is not possible in many parts of the world. Take your time while selecting a piece of jewellery as there are variety of options to choose from.

Al Fahidi Street

Since Dubai is a tax-free nation, electronics are much less expensive here than in different parts of the world. Al Fahidi Street is filled with electronic shops that offer PCs, portable workstations, cameras and in addition family unit electronics like stoves, fridges and washing machine.

Global Village

The Global Village is a shopping festival that includes pavilions from all around the world. Its fair like atmosphere draws in guests from late November all the way to the end of February and features brave tricks and shows from global artists. Every structure showcases relics and things from their nation. If you are patient enough to wait till the last week, you can avail heavy discounts on some items.

Karama Shopping Centre

Karama shopping centre proves to be a reasonable option to shop at, for your family and friends, if you are planning to take gifts and souvenirs for them. The price at the shopping centre is inexpensive as compared to the malls of Dubai. Though there aren’t major attractions to look at, the shopping centre is filled with shops that sell knock off designer clothes, handicrafts, imitation watches and souvenirs, to take home, from the region.

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