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This Woman Refused To Pay Bribe, So Two Policemen Set Her On Fire!

Woman Refused To Pay Bribe

Police in India are initiating an inquiry into the death of a woman after she got fatal burn injuries following an altercation with police force in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Two cops have been suspended after Neetu Dwivedi, 40, stated that the cops ordered her to pay a bribe. When she was asked, she said that the officers threw petrol over her and set her ablaze. Its a shame for a country where a woman refused to pay bribe and was massacred by lawful hands of police.

The woman had gone to see Kothi police station in the village of Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, after her husband was asked about a latest shooting.

An inquiry into the woman’s death has started and will be headed up by senior police official Abdul Hameed. She had come to take her husband Ram Narain from the police station, it was that moment when the officers asked her for 1,00,000 rupees ($1,578) for his immediate release.

Before she took her last breath, the 40-year-old woman told the reporters and magistrate Yogeshwar Ram Mishra in hospital that the police station officer Rai Saheb Yadav and officer Akhilesh Rai had insulted and humiliated her after she said no for paying the bribe.

Both police constables are saying  that the dying woman’s accusations are false. The two men instead said that the woman intentionally set fire to herself in an horrifying act of self-destruction.

According to a news channel, the woman said her last words, “No one helped me…they all watched”, to the magistrate and numerous reporters before she died.

As per the dying woman’s words, the police officers disgraced her and set her ablaze using petrol. “These people used to harass me often. They did it four times. The fifth time, they poured petrol over me and did this”, she added.

Her husband, Ram Narain, told a similar story: “The police took me away and said a murder case had been lodged against me. They told my wife to get money and pick me up. I don’t know how much they wanted. I was sitting outside when she ran out, engulfed in fire. I and some others tried to save her. These people must have set her on fire. Who else could have done it?”woman refused to pay bribe was burnt to death

According to BBC, Mrs Dwivedi was hurried to Lucknow hospital’s Trauma Centre, from 80% blisters to her body. She expired at 4 AM this morning. Just because woman refused to pay bribe , the police officials burnt her alive is a slap on face of government.

The lady’s disturbing death comes less than a month after Indian reporter Jagender Singh died from extreme burn injuries in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It was almost a same story as he was another person who raised his voice against corruption.

Mr Singh used to run a popular Facebook page, repeatedly publishing stories about so-called corruption and misuse. The journalist’s stories led him to suffer harassment from the police, his son said. In his dying speech, Jagender Singh said that four police officers ransacked his house and set fire to him. Singh blamed state minister, Ram Murti Singh Verma, of setting him ablaze. A murder analysis was launched and Verma and the four officials were charged with murder.

After the instances where the woman refused to pay bribe and of journalist been burnt signs like “Friendly Police” all around one’s residential areas, people have got their faith uprooted. If government doesn’t take strong step against such corrupt cops , it’s an end to the freedom of speech for a common man from now on.


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