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Who Is Satyendra Verma And Why Did He Jump From A 450-Feet Tower?

Who Is Satyendra Verma

Satyendra Verma – a name that became a huge sensation in the media charts recently. So much so, that lately, his name had been trending widely even on twitter and youtube stations. Are you curious enough to know who is Satyendra Verma? And why is he suddenly a national hero? Read on and you will get your answers.

It all commenced with the Real Heroes series by Mountain Dew India, which is currently broadcasting the amazing feats of men and women who dared to follow their passions. That’s where his name came into picture. To begin with, he established his identity by becoming the first BASE (Building, Antenna, Span and Earth) jumper. Although this is a very prominent sport in many parts around the globe, he was the pioneer in getting it to India; a definite joy to the Indians enthusiastic about adventure sports.


It happened four years back, in the capital city of New Delhi. On the 29th of October 2010, he made this jump from an unbelievable height of 450 feet (imagining this figure alone is enough to make most people dizzy) at the Pitampura TV tower building, beside the Delhi Development Authority’s cricket ground.

That’s not all folks; he has achieved an incredible feat of performing 1100 sky dives!

So what goes into this base jumping? It’s more than just making a free fall from a huge height. As the ground pulls you downward with an accelerating force, it is only some moments before actually hitting the earth that you can take the aid of an opened parachute to make a safe landing.


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