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What this Mumbai cop did to a woman is shocking!

In a shocking incident that came to light, there were reports that a Mumbai cop allegedly sent flirtatious messages to a trainee air hostess. And, a departmental inquiry is being conducted against the Nalla Sopara police sub-inspector for the same.

Thirty two-year-old Parshuram Londhe allegedly sent a series of messages to the girl, inviting her for coffee and asking her personal questions on WhatsApp.

The 21-year-old woman filed a complaint against Londhe in Palghar police station, saying that the incident is of April 23. ‘I wud like to hav a coffee with such a beautiful gal like u (sic)’, wrote Londhe. To which the girl replied in a ‘polite’ manner, saying that she ‘respected’ him as a police officer and that she cannot be friends with him.

However, Londhe denied the allegation, saying that he wasn’t trying to flirt and that he was being maligned.

The mother of the victim said that he took her daughter’s number to help them in a case but ended up flirting with her and now they are being pressurised to take back the complaint.

The mother claimed that the incident has left her daughter baffled and suicidal.

Now, it is for the police to decide that how can we establish a crime-free society if the administrator of the law will break the rules. Reported veritenews.com

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