What Happens When You Quit Sugar

What Happens When You Quit Sugar

What Happens When You Quit Sugar! Sugar-related illnesses are on the rise. Diabetes, cardio-vascular problems and dementia are just some of the serious chronic diseases connected to over-indulging in the sweet white poison. Sometimes, people’s personal experiences can be more persuasive than the gray scientific data. So here’s a story about a woman who gave up sugar and saw her life change for the better.

Sarah Wilson is suffering from Hashimoto’s disease, an auto-immune condition of the thyroid (I recently wrote about different thyroid disorders). She decided to go sugar-free in January 2011 as a part of her pro-active treatment program.


After eliminating the sweet stuff from her diet, Sarah experienced a number of health improvements, some connected to her chronic condition and others of a more general type.

1. Better managed auto-immune condition

Many people decide to finally adjust their diets when illness strikes. For Sarah, a somewhat little tweak in her diet resulted in some dramatic changes. She went from the maximum dosage of thyroid medication thyroxin to the minimal dosage. Her hormones are now within normal ranges and she has zero thyroid antibodies. That alone was worth the effort!

The reason why omitting sugar from your diet can have such wonderful results is not very complicated. White sugar is an acidic-forming food and it pushes the body into a state of chronic low-grade inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the source of many diseases and conditions, such as cancer, heart problems and obesity.


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