Ways to Get Your Girlfriend to Love you More

Love, Love, Love!

Love is a wonderful thing and to find a person that you can give your all to is amazing!

How do you know if they love you the same?

The answer to that question is easy…. you just know.

From the way that she looks at you to the time that she wants to spend with you is obvious from the very beginning.

If she loves you, your girlfriend will never let you down, run you down or be unfaithful.

All of her time and energy will want to be spent on you and her feelings will show through the way that she acts around you.

Girls are very easy to understand. They want to feel love, they love romance and they need a strong, confident guy to make them feel safe.

Loving someone takes a lot of time and effort and giving all your attention to someone and all your love means that it is important for them to love you back in the same way.

The butterflies in your stomach and the smile you get everytime you think of your girlfriend is an amazing experience and the love you give is what you should get back.

Be Yourself

Never pretend to be anything that you are not because when the truth eventually comes out, your girlfriend will not be happy.

Be yourself, stay true to yourself and don’t hide who you really are because for a relationship to last, you cannot hide from the truth.

If you are poor, don’t pretend to be rich.

Don’t say you own a car if you have a bicycle.

Should you not like going to clubs, then say so from the very beginning.

You both need to show your true colours and avoid pretence because this will only cause you harm in the future.

Be Confident

Every girl likes a guy that is sure of himself and can take control of a situation. Being confident is very important because you need to feel good about yourself before you can make anyone else happy.

Your girlfriend wants to know that you are able to walk around with her arm in arm confidently rather than hide in a corner everytime you need a kiss. She doesn’t want to know that you can’t hold hands because your friends will think it’s corny.

She would like to know that if you have something to say you will just say it and being shy, whilst having a girlfriend simply wont do.

Girls have grown up watching romantic movies so if you are not like Patrick Swayze in “Dirty Dancing” or Channing Tatum in “Step Up” than you need to get a few tips from the movies on what girls like in romance.

She wants a guy that is sure of himself and proud to be around her.

If you have your own unique style, be proud of it and confidently be your own individual self.

Don’t be scared to talk to her on the phone and never avoid conversation or affection in public.

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