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The UAE Is Officially The Most Muslim Friendly Holiday Destination In The World

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The Global Islamic Economic Report for 2016 – 2017 is out, the results are in and you may have guessed it (but you may have not) the UAE came out tops in the world as the best Halal holiday destination.

Factors such as travel services for Muslims, awareness, facilities dedicated to women and food were all assessed

While the main criteria included inbound Muslim travel, quality of Halal-friendly ecosystems, awareness drives and the sector’s contribution to employment, and the results of the study showed the UAE has the most developed Halal ecosystem.

Last year, Muslims were the second biggest holiday spenders in the world after the Chinese, meaning these results are very good news for the UAE travel sector.

Malaysia and Turkey were second and third behind the UAE

This was a global ranking that included countries like the United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, Egypt, Thailand, Jordan, Argentina, Mexico, Hungary, Italy, India, Brazil and Philippines.

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UAE is amazing! 

UAE ranked as world’s most Muslim-friendly destination

Country beats Malaysia and Turkey in facilities for Muslim travellers

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