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UAE holds longest greeting card mosaic in Guinness world record

UAE holds longest greeting card mosaic in Guinness world record

DUBAI:  UAE residents went to three malls all over Dubai and signed ‘Thank you Mum’ cards putting together the largest greeting card mosaic in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) organized the campaign called ‘Thank You Mom’ to remind people to be thankful to their mothers. The campaign, a first for the UAE, championed mothers by giving people an opportunity and a platform to craft messages of appreciation.

According to Gulf News, thousands of cards made up the record-breaking greeting card mosaic, that measured more than 110m in length. It is now mounted on a billboard near the Jebel Ali metro station, along Shaikh Zayed Road.

UAE residents who were part of this campaign penned their digital thank you notes at the Mall of Emirates, Mirdif City Centre and Marina Mall Abu Dhabi. These were later transferred to the massive card.

Talal Omar, MENA country manager of Guinness World Records, said, “Breaking a Guinness World Record is no mean feat; the attempt must fulfill the key criteria before it can be considered – it must be measurable, breakable, and verifiable, among others. These criteria were met, and the UAE put together the longest greeting card mosaic globally, bringing yet another world record to the country.”

“Moms are the ones who support families through everything. Many of the brands are part of that journey moms take to raise their children,” Khaled Adawi, Director of P&G in the Arabian Peninsula, told Khaleej Times.

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