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Planning to go to Gitex Shopper this week? Don’t worry; we have all the advice that you need.

This is important, Dubai. Stick to these golden rules and Gitex Shopper should be a walk in the park. Good luck finding all the discount-priced tech goodies you’re after.

Gitex Shopper is an event in Dubai that celebrates all things IT. This is the biggest shopping event for gadget and technology in the MENA region and happens twice a year. Prices of laptops, smartphones, TVs, cameras, tablets, home appliances and IT products drop and various brands like HP, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, etc. participate in this event.

There are two Gitex seasons – Gitex Shopper Spring (every April) and Gitex Shopper Autumn (every September or October). They used to have just one event every year but due to the demand, they made it a twice-a-year technology shopping festival.

From an overcrowded hall to deal signs from the floor to the roof, Gitex Shopper may be an event not to miss, but it is certainly one to pre-plan for. (Trust us; we know what we are talking about)

The location is held at the Dubai World Trade Center (near DWTC metro station). If you are new to this event, you might wonder who to expect. Here are a few tips to consider when participating in GITEX.

A Guide to Shopping at GITEX

1. Review the floor plan beforehand: Do not make the rookie mistake of going and roaming around.Before you know it, you will be standing in the middle of the hall trying to figure outleft from right.

2. Know what you are looking for:Go with an open mind and you will never get anywhere. If you are eager to get a new tablet, go to Gitex Shopper knowing that you are looking for a tablet. Otherwise, you will find yourself going home with a new laptop, headphones, a mouse and whatever else your arms can carry. (It’s all so shiny…)

3. Have a shopping buddy: There is nothing worse than being bombarded by five sellers and not having an escape route when you need it, and having someone with you will always help with this. Come up with a code word for ‘I need to get out of this situation’ and use it whenever necessary. A sidekick is never a bad idea.


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