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Top 10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Won’t Believe.

Have you ever had a conversation at a party in which you had no idea what the person was talking about? Or even played a game of Trivial Pursuit in which you’ve found yourself sitting in the corner quietly, not daring to answer anything for fear of embarrassment? We’ve all been there.

The world is a large and strange place, with so many things being discovered and re-discovered every single day. It’s no wonder that when it comes to facts, we often can’t keep up. However, with this list of facts, you’ll be able to dazzle anyone you talk to. Making you feel like the smartest person at any dinner table.

10. The biggest manufacturer of tyres is?

10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Won’t Believe
Is it Michelin? Dunlop? Pirelli? No. These tyre giants don’t even come close. Michelin reportedly produce 170 million tyres each year, which is a staggering amount. But with 320 million tyres produced, Lego has them all beat. The toy giants make and produce almost double the amount of tyres that the leading ‘tyre’ company does. Admittedly Lego’s tyres are a lot smaller and are not pumped full of air, but they are definitely rubber and used for vehicles.

It’s not just tyres that Lego leads the world in; with over 60 bricks per person in the world, they’ve mass produced over 400 billion bricks since 1958 making them world leaders in bricks too.


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