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10 Tips Which Will Fix All the Hair Problems You Could Possibly Have in Dubai Winter

Dubai Winter is not just harsh for beauty lovers because the cold and dryness strips skin of its glow, but also because it can be pretty tough on our hair. So, here we list out some foolproof measures for all those of you who love having tresses which are smooth and silky.

Oil treatments

Try an ayurvedic hair oil treatment weekly, because hair needs more conditioning in winter. An easy all-rounder which always works is coconut oil, but you can also try a treatment with bhringraj or almond oil. Heating up the oil, and adding essential oils to the mix can further enhance such a treatment. For example, bergamot essential oil is great for stimulating the scalp and improving circulation, so that moisture is absorbed better, and hair grows thick and healthy.

Treat dandruff.

Dandruff is one of the most common winter problems. Even if your scalp isn’t dry, the lack of sunlight, or not drying hair properly can lead to dandruff. 


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