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Tips for shopping smart at Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

Dubai is one of the favourite tourist destinations of people from around the world. The luxury and class that Dubai offers are unmatched, attracting millions of people to this fantastic Emirate city, every year. While Dubai is popular for a lot of things, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) definitely tops the list. Held every year for the entire month of January or February, the DSF is a celebration of everything good in life.

2017 brings in the 22st Dubai Shopping Festival, one which began in 1996. This is a whole month of fabulous shopping, entertainment and fun. DSF is organised by the Dubai Government, and its main purpose is to promote tourism and boost the economy. Every year promises something new, innovative and interesting.

Tips to buy smart and come out on the top with best goods during Dubai Shopping Festival 2016

1. Download the new #MyDSF 2017 Offers app to stay updated on latest offers and deals for Dubai Shopping Festival 2017.

2. Shop early – while others are still in bed. After all, you don’t want to miss the steal deal on your perfectly sized Jimmy Choo!

3. Wear multiple layers of clothes so that you can try on clothes over you skive or t-shirt. It is a smart way to avoid the never-ending queue for changing rooms.

4. Know beforehand what will be found where. Research well before you roll.

5. Exploit the sale,Don’t curb the urge to splurge. Look for good picks besides what you need immediately.

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