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If You Thought Rich Kids On Instagram Was Outrageous, Wait Till You See The Arab Version

Just when you thought the rich can’t get any richer.

In 2012, a blog called “Rich Kids of Instagram” was created on microblogging and social media website Tumblr.

It’s basically a space dedicated to wealthy young people in their twenties showing off their carefree and luxurious lifestyle choices.

The platform generated a lot of controversy with many people saying it was an inappropriate way of flaunting wealth. Some even called on Tumblr to take it down.

However, two years later, the blog is still online and very much alive.

To quote one review, “[Rich Kids of Instagram] is one of those things you will hate very much, but you will continue to look at anyway.”

This could also help explain why not only the original site is thriving, but several other accounts inspired by it have emerged lately.

Out of these copy-cat blogs, one even puts Rich Kids to shame: Arab Kids of Instagram.

Arabs – especially Saudis – are known for their exquisite taste in all-things-expensive and unnecessary showmanship. This Instagram is a fine mix of both.

Loaded with photos of luxurious cars, fancy watches and pricey bottles of wine and liquor being imbibed, this space run by young Arabs will leave you wriggling with envy — and disgust.

Here are some filthy-rich examples:

A gun made out of gold and a Rolex — made of gold:


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