The top five prospective brides for Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan is easily one of India’s most eligible bachelors in Bollywood. Salman’s ‘single’ status has been threatened many times but the hero seems unscratched and not ready yet.

After 24 years in the industry, the actor had many link ups and dated many beautiful actress in the past.

From Sangeet Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai to Katrina Kaif, he charmed them all and has still managed to remain unmarried.

When asked Salman if he ever plans to get married, the actor without hesitation replied, “I have been thinking about it. I have been married four times earlier (jokes). But it hasn’t worked out for me. But I will try for the fifth time (laughs).”

Well, can’t blame him for the sarcasm as Salman Khan being single seems to have become a national craze. Even his father, noted scriptwriter Salim Khan, says he is not sure about his son’s marriage!

As a father he wishes that a daughter-in-law should step in the household as early as possible, but Sr Khan seems helpless. Salman is in no mood to settle down or manage to find the perfect bride.

So to make things easier for Salman and his family here’s a list of top five probable Mrs Salman Khan:

Katrina Kaif: She makes it to the list without any doubt. The chemistry between the rumoured ex-lovers is still going strong though the relationship always blows hot and cold. Katrina Kaif is a regular feature in Salman’s house and is present in every family functions. She has also built a good rapport with the entire Khan family. As Salman’s protégé Katrina always listens to him and would prove to be a very obedient wife.

Zarine Khan: Salman Khan very strategically chooses Zarine Khan as the lead actress for ‘Veer’. This look-alike of Katrina Kaif entered Salman’s life when rumours were strong about Salman-Katrina break up. As Zarine struggled in the industry Salman recommended her name to filmmakers. She is often spotted with Salman. They attend parties together, sometimes hand-in-hand. It is obvious Zarine is quite smitten by Salman. She would be a perfect loyal bride for this bachelor.

Priyanka Chopra: When actress Priyanka Chopra was spotted at Salman Khan’s Bandra house, it evoked a lot of curiosity and excitement among their fans. In fact, many felt that the duo is possibly having an affair. Priyanka and Salman’s sister Arpita Khan are very good friend. Hence, she visits their residence quite regularly. Of late Salman is all praises for Priyanka as the actress launched her international musical career. And why not even Salman asked Priyanka ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ (Will you marry me?)!

Asin Thottumkal: ‘Ready’ costars Salman Khan and Asin have a special bonding. There was buzz that Salman gifted his ‘very good friend’ Asin an apartment in Mumbai. Their friendship grew during the shoot of ‘London Dreams’. During the promotion of ‘Ready’ what particularly came to everybodies notice was a caring Salman, who was beside Asin all the time. Asin also went on record to say she is very fond of Salman Khan. The actor is not only a good co-star but is also very supportive and has even referred her to some producers. If Salman can recommend Asin to producers for film role, we recommend her name as Mrs Salman Khan.

Mahek Chahal: Actress and item girl Mahek Chahal of the Bigg Boss fame was rumoured to be under Salman Khan’s protective wings. When she entered Bigg Boss and escaped eviction continuously and also made a re-entry there were speculations rife that it was due to Salman’s influence. She emerged quite a favourite in the show. Rumours suggested Salman is promoting and guiding her in choosing the right path in Bollywood. So what about promoting her as Mrs Khan?

This is our list of probable heroines who could be Salman’s perfect bride. If you have names that should feature in the list write your comments and suggestions.

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