SHOCKING! Swami Om ARRESTED in Lonavla, few hours before Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale!

Sources say that Swami Om landed up in Lonavla with an intention to disrupt the shoot..

Swami Om’s name will go down in the history of Bigg Boss as the craziest and the most controversial personality ever. From abusing to throwing urine, he had done everything inside the house. But when he was kicked out of the house, Swami Om threatened the makers and accused them of several things.

When it was learnt that Salman Khan had given a clear diktat to the show makers that Swami shouldn’t be a part of the grand finale, he openly threatened to disrupt the shoot of the finale on national television. Today, when the Grand Finale is being shot on the Bigg Boss sets in Lonavla, we heard something shocking.

According to reports, Swami Om was spotted in Lonavla. Sources say that he came with an intention to spoil and disrupt the shoot. Knowing that he’s in the vicinity, the channel team flung into action and informed the police, who arrested him. Now, Swami Om is currently in police custody and will remain there till the finale is filmed completely.

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