Sunny Leone sells sex toys! OMG! ‘Besharam’

Sunny Leone sells sex toys

Sunny Leone sells sex toys even after making a journey from porn to Bollywood, Sunny Leone’s connection with the adult industry doesn’t seem to get over. Much to your surprise, Sunny Leone will be connected to the online company for sex-toys and adult products named as ‘ImBesharam’. She has been roped in to be the brand ambassador for the website and the deal has been signed at a whopping Rs 2 crore.

If you might recall that Sunny once said that she does not want to expose in Bollywood and want to show her acting skills instead. She added that she will not go back to the porn industry where she came from.

But now reports contradict her statement. She has joined Raj Armani’s company as the brand ambassador. She was also associated with the company before she entered Bollywood. But the then and now cost differs a lot. Back then, the deal was signed for Rs 6,35,000, unlike this one.

Company’s founder Raj Armani said that he didn’t had the problem with the cost of the deal, adding that most products are priced at Rs 2500-4000 and the customers are generally among the better off – Bollywood stars and government officers and people in the posh localities of Delhi and Mumbai.

He is handling the start-up focused on India from his home in Atlanta in US. Source

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