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Ramadan 2015 Suhoor & Iftar Timing in Sharjah

Ramadan 2015 Suhoor & Iftar Timing in Sharjah


Ever wondered where the world’s largest Iftar takes place?

Ramadan 2015 Suhoor & Iftar Timing in Sharjah

Date Day Suhoor Iftar
21 June Sunday 3:57 7:12
22 June Monday 3:58 7:13
23 June Tuesday 3:58 7:13
24 June Wednesday 3:58 7:13
25 June Thursday 3:58 7:13
26 June Friday 3:59 7:13
27 June Saturday 3:59 7:13
28 June Sunday 3:59 7:14
29 June Monday 3:59 7:14
30 June Tuesday 4:00 7:14
1 July Wednesday 4:01 7:14
2 July Thursday 4:01 7:14
3 July Friday 4:02 7:14
4 July Saturday 4:02 7:14
5 July Sunday 4:03 7:14
6 July Monday 4:03 7:14
7 July Tuesday 4:04 7:14
8 July Wednesday 4:04 7:13
9 July Thursday 4:05 7:13
10 July Friday 4:05 7:13
11 July Saturday 4:06 7:13
12 July Sunday 4:07 7:13
13 July Monday 4:07 7:13
14 July Tuesday 4:07 7:13
15 July Wednesday 4:08 7:12
16 July Thursday 4:09 7:12

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