REVEALED! Shah Rukh Khan’s family trip to USA was MAINLY for Aryan Khan! Find out why

Shah Rukh Khan’s family trip to USA

Shah Rukh Khan’s dedication towards his family is something everyone knows about. When it comes to his kids, the celebrity has always given them first priority and notably in terms of education. So much that when the actor was asked if his eldest son film industry would be joined by Aryan Khan soon, he blatantly put forth the fact which he should complete his schooling first before starting a career in the business. For this same educational goal, the performer and LA, California seen. Turns out the primary focus here wasn’t the vacation but attending Aryan’s orientation, while we all thought it was for a pleasant vacay with the whole family!

Mumbai Mirror reported Shah Rukh Khan’s family trip to USA along with his family left for USA to attend Aryan’s orientation. At an interactive session held in the class, Shah Rukh told his fans, “I am showing Aryan a lot of films because he is going to film school now. I have made a folder with all the great English classics like The Untouchables, Goodfellas and Michael Douglas’ Falling Down. I am showing him English films now but I have also made another folder that has Hindi classics like Sholay, Do Aakhen Barah Haath and Devdas -both Dilip saab’s and mine. I want him to see more films.”


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