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Rakhi Sawant | I am not a PORNSTAR like Sunny Leone

Rakhi Sawant has always been in limelight not for her talent and skills but for the controversies created by her. Moreover, media has ever covered all her talks and whatever she does, no matter how insensible these things are. Now we have another video in which Rakhi says that she has no comparison with Sunny Leone and it is creditable on the part of Indians that they are making her wear clothes. Not only this, the producer also supports Rakhi saying Sunny is nowhere in the air and she can never have any similarity with Super-talented Dance-diva Rakhi. According to her, she would soon handover the airline ticket to Sunny and make her go back to the place where she has come from.

This is just the trailer and the whole movie is there for you to watch so don’t miss this hot gossip by controversy queen RAKHI SAWANT…

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