Raaz 3 not released in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait‎

There is a delay in the release of Bipasha Basu-Emraan Hashmi starrer ‘Raaz 3’ in Dubai.

“There is some censorship issue. We have been told that there is no show today or tomorrow,” informed a ticketing officer at the Vox Cinemas in Deira City Centre.

The lady, however, was unable to give more details.

There is still some confusion over what triggered the delay.

Grand Cinemas, another major movie showcaser in Dubai, also confirmed the delay and suggested it could be because of a censorship issue.

“An e-mail was sent out stating that there will be no show for ‘Raaz3’ today morning or noon,” added the official.

“They (the distributor) have postponed the release. It could play today evening at Grand cinemas.”

She stated that the snitch was due to censorship issues but was unable to confirm whether it was here or in India. “All I know is that the censorboard is checking the film now.”

When Emirates24|7 contacted the distributor of the movie Phars Films, they refused to clarify or validate the information. “It could be a technical problem at the cinema,” stated an official.

The movie is a horror thriller that supposedly showcases the best 3D technology Bollywood has ever seen.

The lead stars of the film had visited the emirate a few days ago to promote the movie in the UAE.

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