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Public holidays for Eid Al Fitr confirmed

Public holidays for Eid Al Fitr

Public holidays for Eid Al Fitr 2016 dates: When will Ramadan end this year?

The Eid Al Fitr 2016 dates are still up in the air, but here’s when it’s likely to fall (and what it means).

We are now officially one whole week into Ramadan, but when will it end and when will the Eid Al Fitr holidays begin?

Well, predicting when Ramadan begins and ends is always just an estimation because both the start and end date of the Holy Month depend on the sighting of the new moon. (This means Ramadan beginning on June 6 was only determined at about 8pm on Sunday June 5.)

Ramadan began on Monday June 6, and the Holy Month of fasting normally lasts 29 or 30 days, which means that Eid Al Fitr is very likely to fall either on Tuesday July 5th or Wednesday July 6th.


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