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Pics: Behind The Scenes At Dubai’s MASSIVE Security Operation

28,000 cameras on the streets of Dubai

Dubai is a safe city…this is not by luck

If you walk the streets of Dubai, you don’t get the impression of a huge police presence…even if you’ve been here for quite some time, you may still not notice it. What you will notice however, is Dubai feels like a safe city. Whether that means you’re comfortable walking the streets at night, or leaving your bag unattended,

The streets in Dubai (like all cities) are monitored by street cams, thanks to Al Arabiya English who recently entered the operation room and gave us a brief insight to what it’s like.

Screenshot 2017 01 17 At 7 57 18 Pm

What you need to know:

A recent study by the Community Development Authority (CDA) found that 98% of people living in Dubai feel safe, and as we said above, this is not luck. It’s down to the efforts of a revolving door of 80 staff who constantly man the operations units and monitor the cameras in operation throughout the city, (28,000 to be exact).

Everything from criminal offences to traffic is noted here, and this is also the place you call should you ever need to call the emergency services.

(All image cred: Al Arabiya English)


The Dubai Police are prominent on Twitter

With over 1.2 million followers, the department’s Twitter account is an excellent, fast way for the public to keep up to date with important information.

Whether it’s important reminders, or weather warnings,this page is good to have on your Twitter feed.

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