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Pedestrian hit by Dubai Tram

A man was injured after he was hit by the Dubai Tram while crossing the track near JBR 2 station.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said in a statement that the pedestrian had sustained minor injuries “as a result of attempting to cross the tramway inattentively” on Monday.

“The pedestrian collided with the side of the tram, which was moving, and first aid revealed that he was slightly injured, and was accordingly taken to hospital for medical treatment,” said the statement.

Eyewitnesses took to social media after the Dubai Tram incident. “Around 1 o’clock I saw a guy bleeding surrounded with security and 2 police,” a user wrote on Facebook.

Another user said that they were informed that there was a technical issue and therefore the tram had to come to a halt.

“We were in tram station JBR 2 they announced technical issue so tram can’t move between statio­n 1-2,” wrote another Facebook user.

The RTA said it is investigating the accident.



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