OMG: Rakhi Sawant Asks Sunny Leone To Get Lost From India!

Rakhi Sawant, who recently did a hot photo shoot for her upcoming album- Party Punjabi Style, says that it was Sunny Leone who forced her to wear revealing clothes in the album. Rakhi declared that she will dethrone Sunny Leone with her upcoming album and she also asked the adult entertainer to go back to her country.

After her photo shoot, a skimpily dressed Rakhi said to the media, “Main aayi hu Leela ko geela karne. It’s because of her that I’m being forced to wear revealing clothes and see I’m looking hotter than her.”

“You Sunny Leone you just get lost from my India ok, you just get lost from my film industry. You go back to the US and eat your ‘lollipops’ there, not here ok … It’s because of you that people like me have to wear revealing clothes because everyone is demanding this only these days. Chalo Rakhi Sawant hai to pehan liye, but I don’t want any other Indian girl to wear something like this but if you have a good body then you can expose,” she further added.

Rakhi blaming Sunny Leone for making her wear skimpy clothes… Well irony just died a thousand deaths. LOL!!!


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