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Old Bollywood Beauty Secrets Tips

bollywood beauty secrets tips

share-enjoyStars today are going to strange and at times dangerous lengths to maintain their beauty. However, this length are not new. The old Bollywood sirens did different things for the sake of vanity. Though, old Bollywood beauties did not have the technological and medical advances we have today. They had to make do with what they had. They created their own techniques, routines and remedies maintain their striking good looks. The early years were truly the golden age of Bollywood beauty.

Old Bollywood gave us beauty icons such as Hema Malini, Zeenat Amaan, Rekha and so much more. These gorgeous women have been embedded as standard of beauty. These amazing women have also helped revolutionize the beauty industry. They have created techniques and tips that we still use today. Take a cue from this Bollywood Beauty Secrets Tips of beauties and try some of their well kept secrets for yourself.

Bollywood Beauty Secrets Tips | Facial Shaving


Bollywood Actresses used to shave her face to give her that porcelain skin. Even today we see Sonam Kapoor Shaving her face. This isn’t a new beauty technique, European and African royalties would shave their faces to give themselves a smoother and lighter skin. Shaving your face will remove fine baby hair on the skin and dead skin cells. This will give the face more of a radiant glow and applying foundation much smoother.


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