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Did you know Obama Received Job Offer From Dubai

Obama Received Job Offer

Lawyer Eisa bin Haidar from Dubai wants President Barack Obama to work with him for a very special reason. Here’s what he is offering.



Salary, housing, tickets and travel to Arab countries — President Barack Obama will enjoy all of these perks if he accepts this lucrative job offer from Emirati lawyer Eisa bin Haidar.

But there’s a small catch.

Bin Haidar wants soon-to-be retired President Obama to work with him in order to help him get acquainted with “tolerance of Islam.”

He addressed Obama in a tweet:

Apparently, bin Haidar is not happy with the way international media profiles Islam as a religion that promotes violence and terror. According to him, one of the ways the widespread misconceptions and misperceptions about Muslims can be cleared if Westerners come and live with Muslims.

“The only way for westerners to accept and understand Islam and Muslims is to come and live with us and amongst us,” bin Haidar told Gulf News. “Once he [Obama] leaves his office at the White House, I offer President Obama work in my law firm and then he would come and live amongst Arabs and Muslims and learn the exact meaning of tolerance.”

Acknowledging the awkward nature of his offer, bin Haidar reiterated and emphasized on the intentions behind the offer.

“I know my offer is a little bit weird, but you [Obama] have to live with Muslims to know them closely and away from political theatrics which are being spearheaded by the U.S.”

As of May 17, President Obama has 244 days left in office. Although he hasn’t explicitly discussed his post-retirement plans, the president has made it clear he will not seek a future in politics once he is out of office.

In 2014, when he was asked where he saw himself in a decade, Obama replied: “I know what I’ll do right after the next president is inaugurated. I’ll be on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut.”

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