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Meet The Gorgeous New Playboy Model With Different Colored Eyes!

Has it ever occurred at all that in a Playboy -Cover model above all the eye color was discussed? There is hardly an article about the model on the cover of the current US Playboy , who manages without a paragraph about her eyes. The model is called Sarah McDaniel and has been born with a so-called iris heterochromia, a genetic defect that leads to two different colored eyes. The right eye is brown, the left eye is blue.

This could be a sign that the decision of the Playboy , as of now, no longer portrayed naked women , has immediately translated into a more chatty discussion culture. On the other hand, there is, of course, the suspicion that the debate about Sarah McDaniel’s eyes is merely a collective remedy, so as not to have to talk about what is actually much more direct to the current cover of American Playboy : Sarah McDaniel looks very, very young.

e you haven’t heard of her before, meet this beauty now!

1. Here she is, Sarah Rose Mcdaniel…


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