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Narendra Modi UAE visit enthuses expatriates

Narendra Modi UAE visit enthuses expatriates

Namo in Dubai News update: Narendra Modi UAE visit news, there is a palpable excitement among expatriate Indians in the UAE about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UAE. Members of the community shared their expectations from the visit and their aspirations for the country at large.

Dr Nawab Shafi Ul Mulk, Director of Global Hawk Imaging and Diagnostics

“The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit will serve as a beacon of hope for the community and further strengthen Indo–UAE ties. UAE is home to more than 2.5 million Indians – highly skilled medical professionals, technology experts and blue-collar workers who have contributed substantially to the rapid economic growth of UAE.

“I hope his visit will inspire confidence in the Indian business community to invest in India.”

Vishwas Chabbra, Lifestyle Consultant

All Indians are feeling immensely happy about the Indian Prime Minister’s visit especially since it comes after 34 years. Indians have marked their success in many sectors in the UAE and this visit will motivate them to work harder towards realising their dreams and goals.

Alisha Moopen, Director Strategy at Aster DM-Healthcare

“There are a lot of similarities between the vision of Indian Prime Minister Modi and the great leaders of the UAE. His positive outlook and vision complemented by strong strategic business plan with clear milestones and teams in place to implement these directives, is clearly carving an even stronger era for Indians everywhere. I hope there is some discussion on more tie-ups between health-care providers here and in India to make expensive treatments more cost-effective. A look at the huge tariffs that airlines levy during the peak summer season would be beneficial, especially to the large number of low-income workers who find these rates prohibitive.”

Faizal Kottikolon, Chairman, KEF Holdings

“This visit is one of the many excellent initiatives by the government of India to boost foreign investments. We think that India’s growth story is being written once again with a strong blueprint. I expect an impetus in investments in diverse Indian industry sectors, the benefits of which will trickle down to the masses.

“There’s hardly any doubt that India is entering a decade of change and growth and I am extremely bullish on India’s growth story. It’s not just the NRI community that is being drawn to the emerging opportunities in India. I would think multinationals are as keen to leverage the new growth.”

Dr Azad Moopen, Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM-Healthcare

“It is indeed historic that a Prime Minister from India has decided to visit the UAE after 34 years. Considering the fact that the Indian community forms nearly 50 per cent of the total expat population in the UAE, his visit will have a tremendous impact in bringing the two countries together.

“I am hoping that there will be some conclusion on the proposal to have an insurance-cum-pension scheme for NRIs that will help them when they retire and go back home. If they can begin subscribing to such a scheme and begun contributing during their working years, it will help them manage contingencies when they return to India.”

Kusum Dutta, social worker

“Indian expatriates are looking forward to Modi’s visit, especially since the Indian Prime Minister has chosen to come in the summer months and not as was expected in November. Maybe there might be some big-ticket announcement in trade and infrastructure development in India. As a social worker, I am constantly in touch with labourers and they are hoping for better wage structure and working conditions. There is an overall ‘feel-good’ effect in the expatriate community and many of my friends are planning to take the day off and attend the event like a family outing.” Source


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