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Nando’s Food Review – Bollywood Dubai

Nandos Food Review – Bollywood Dubai

Nando’s Food Review by Bollywood Dubai! My love for flame grilled chicken dragged us to Nando’s, Nando’s is very well known for its chicken dishes and their variety of marinades and sauces made from the secret peri-peri recipes passed through generations of Portuguese settlers in Africa. Peri-Peri is the Swahili word for the African bird’s eye chilli. The Nando’s franchise boomed in the past decade and there is around 1000 outlets in over 30 countries worldwide now. The Nando’s has 15 outlets in UAE ! Woot woot isn’t that huge?!

The Nando’s restaurant we chose was the one at wonderful Sheikh Zayed Road. When you step in you are wished by the friendly staff of Nando’s. As soon as you walk in you get the authentic Afro-Portuguese feel, the overall decor and atmosphere is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern. What’s more? The feel good World music compliments the overall mood and atmosphere of the place.

For the starters, we ordered Altogether Now platter which consists of Hummus, Spicy mixed olives, Roasted Veg Dip and warm Pita bread. A great start, must say. Then we went on to order our main course which was full platter which consists of whole chicken. There’s a mix of the different spice levels (Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot & Very Hot) in this dish so you wouldn’t know which one you got until you try it. Also Nando’s has an interesting section in the menu called sides, with which you can make it a meal. The sides consists of 1. fries, spicy rice, coleslaw and corn-on-the-cob 2. Assorted chips and potato wedges. (You can select any)



The waiting time was about 12-15 minutes, which I think is quiet reasonable. Meanwhile we were served with chilled soft drinks. When the food arrived, we were like WOW! It looked like a feast, no doubt it did justice to what it looked like. The flavours of grilled chicken bursts in your mouth from the very first bite, not to forget Peri- Peri sauces which consists of Wild herbs, Extra hot Peri- peri, Hot Peri-Peri , Garlic Peri-Peri is a cherry on the cake. For the flavours, the combination and for everything we were indulged in, one word – AWESOMNESS.


And what would be feast without a dessert? We ordered for chocolate cake and trust me that was the best thing we had that day. Firstly it was a feast to our eyes with chocolate dripping all over the cake and the plate. The best chocolate cake I’ve ever had by far, it was absolutely moist, fudgy, soft and delicious. It was indeed the perfect end to Nando’s adventure!


So what are you waiting for?! Rock your night away. Go ahead explore the adventure with heart-warming combination of incredible staff and a beautiful location. Don’t forget to treat your buds to the fullest!

Bill (for 2) :

Starters – 36

Full Plater – 113

Sides – 13

Chocolate cake – 26 

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