The Moreschi woman is a FRESH NEW LADY; a young lady with good taste, fresh and dynamic who has enjoys playing with color, adding it with ease to her elegant and formal look. You can picture her under the canopy of the Annetta Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi playing buraco with her friends, but you could just as easily find her at a vernissage of contemporary art in Milan, or with her husband and friends on a yacht in Capri. The Moreschi Spring/Summer 2015 collection reflects and enhances the various souls/characteristics of this woman.

TIMELESS ART is the tradition and experience of Moreschi craftsmanship transferred to a woman and her femininity, refined shoes, exquisitely crafted with modern design detail.

WISELY COLORFUL is about using and being daring with colour; in other words, creativity translated into an elite search for precious leathers and lively chromatic matches, which give the Moreschi woman an radiant and contemporary charm.

FRESHLY FLOWER, in other words inspiration taken from the fragrances of the flowers of a fresh and sweet-smelling spring, rediscovering the elegance and style of the shoe through the choice of a sinuosity favoring a 10 cm heel to give a refined and sensory allure which, at times, is even sensual.

UPPER TASTE is the skill of managing to satisfy the most sought-after tastes, in the nuances of colour, in shapes, in models, in finishings, all without obviously emulating the fashions of the moment, It is a sporty-chic style for a sophisticated woman who loves to stand out.

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