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Makeup tips to hide your tired feet long 19 Bella Hadid

Makeup tips to hide your tired feet long 19 Bella Hadid

Behind the makeup, you can hide everything, including fatigue, pale and less sharp.

Bella Hadid – hit 19 feet long of the world unveiled recently shared secret concealing makeup fatigue. With this makeup tips, will not countenance anyone know your charisma and pale any size, just know that you still shines with a bright smile.

1. Cover cons not only used to cover the dark circles

Everyone knows concealer that cushions the dark circles around the eyes. But it also works to cover other defects on the face. You find yourself somewhere pale, then put concealer on it. After application of such a girl Bella Hadid makeup sponge used are cream spread out.

2. Use blocks to create the form of ingots

Bella Hadid blocks used to create the form of bars draw two lines below the cheeks then blend well used foam. This step takes only a few seconds, but extremely effective, helping to shape the face, sharper and more charismatic.

3. Choose a golden yellow eye-shadow

After eyebrow pencil and mascara, Hadid canopy eye shadows finger golden yellow. When the canopy in the eye, I opened my eyes a little louder. Finally apply gloss to the fresh, so that no one can know the night before what you were tired.

Makeup tips to hide your tired feet

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