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Make her feel Royal this Valentine’s Day with Gehna Jewellery Boutique

Make her feel Royal this Valentine’s Day with Gehna Jewellery Boutique

Valentine’s Day comes just once a year, and it’s the perfect occasion to remind your sweetheart of how much you care with Gehna Boutique’s latest exclusive collection.

Since women will be women and some of them will need more than just a subtle hint of appreciation or TLC, it can be difficult to decide what to buy. Gehna comes to the rescue, with over 150 years of experience and catering to the lovers of the vintage, arts and royalty it’s safe to say they understand exactly what a woman aspires to possess.  Every jewellery piece at Gehna Jewellery Boutique has a beautiful story and rich history that has inspired it, and are all handcrafted by skilled artisans making each piece one-of-its-kind. Just like your love, these pieces are regal, unique and timeless!

To celebrate this season of love, the experts at Gehna Jewellery Boutique advise indulging in keepsake 22K Gold Rajasthani and Mughal style jewellery all studded with polki diamonds and natural precious stones and enhanced with intricate ‘minakari’. Check out the beautiful collection :

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These exquisite pieces will last you not just a lifetime but generations. The boutique is located at the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai, and if you are still struggling with what to buy.. no worries Gehna offers special one-on-one consultancies by their in-house jewelry experts to make sure you come home with the perfect invaluable gift!

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