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Majority of Dubai residents don’t have home insurance

Majority of Dubai residents don’t have home insurance

If you’re living in Dubai, chances are you don’t have insurance for your home.

A new poll by and RSA reveals that more than 6 out of 10, or 61 percent, of Dubai residents don’t have home insurance. Only 25 percent of renters have insurance while 67 percent of apartment buildings and 50 percent of villas are also uninsured.

Those who actually own homes are a bit more concerned about insuring their property, with 66 percent of homeowner respondents insured.


“Given the widely reported incidents of apartment building fires in major residential areas of Dubai, it is quite surprising that so many homes remain uninsured even when basic content insurance is widely available and affordable,” CEO Bana Shomali said in a press release.

While Dubai residents may not be overly concerned with insuring their homes, the vast majority of unemployed respondents reported having medical insurance, at 91 percent. Respondents with vehicles all reported having auto insurance.

Commenting on the low level of home insurance, RSA’s Sales & Marketing Director David Harris said, “We have seen that people are often only likely to consider this type of insurance once the damage has already been done.”

RSA is a leading international insurance firm with major operations in the Middle East, UK, Scandinavia, Canada, Ireland, and Latin America. is a home services comparison and reviews site in the UAE and Qatar that provides customers with personalized quotes for moving, cleaning, pest control and other home services. Source

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