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Looks Like Somebody Skipped Leg Day

Looks Like Somebody Skipped Leg Day

Skipping Leg day is like skipping Dinner, you never Do it. Its common amongst Amateur Bodybuilders and Gym Bro’s to just skip-on over the dreaded day of Legs in order to further their cause of having bigger arms and better abs. But as you can see below, skipping legs will not only guarantee you Internet fame, but your physique will also be called into question due to your asymmetric proportions.

The simple fact of the matter is this – Don’t F*cking skip Leg Day. Ever. Unless you are purposely trying to look like one of the stellar examples below, don’t do it!

We’ve seen perfect examples of guys who should Probably take a break from Working out their legs (in specifically if you are a Pro Cyclist) and give it a rest for a couple weeks, but for the majority of the gym-going, buff body wanna-be’s, this isn’t the case.

Our theory behind not working legs is this: Many Bro’s don’t care to have Full body mirrors in their Apartments or Homes, mainly because they’re single and don’t have a woman in their Life, Right? So who needs a full-body mirror when all that matters is just the top half? This theory has stemmed from the past 30 years of being a man and never needing a full body mirror. It could also explain why these guys have never Once thought about their legs, thus never seeing the Need to work them out. Now this is all a theory, but think it through as you scroll down through these pictures and realize the Colossal aesthetic mess these Bro’s have gotten themselves into.

Killing an Arm workout is one thing, but Real Men Do Squats and know the pain it takes to make real Gains. PSA: Don’t Skip Leg Day Bro, Unless You look like a guy from this article.



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