Look SEXY & YOUNG: Exercises to reduce the double chin

Reduce Double Chin Some people store fat in the waist, some in the thighs and some under the chin, as they grow older. While one is familiar with the exerci

Some people store fat in the waist, some in the thighs and some under the chin, as they grow older. While one is familiar with the exercises and methods to reduce the fat in the waist, belly and thighs, it is really an uphill task when it comes to the chin. While drastic methods like liposuction exist, it is always best to follow the natural remedies. It also helps to get back lean jawline.
Unless you are genetically predisposed to the double chin then there are ways to reduce the fat accumulated around the chin.

We present some healthy and simple exercises that can be useful and better option than chin liposuction. What is more is that the liposuction may leave scars that may prove to be scarier in the end as they cannot be removed.

Reasons for double chin

Youngsters who have double chins are likely to be overweight or obese. Overall, increase in fat storage is often the main reason that even the chin is affected. The skin, which is the largest organ of the body, loses its elasticity, as the person grows older. It sags and it shows in the form of wrinkles around the eyes, double chin around the neck and protruding stomach. Other than the fat, the platysma muscles also are not used much in adult hood. This is the muscle, which links the jaw and the chin. Double chins also occur when sudden weight loss is done. This muscle needs to be tightened. Daily exercise can prove helpful and for any improvement. Each should be done for 10 counts and ten seconds.

  • Open the mouth-like you are screaming aloud. Stick your tongue out and try to touch the chin with it. Hold this position. The chin and neck muscles will tighten.
  • Hang the head-from the bed or sofa while you are lying down. The chin should reach the chest. This contraction would be for 10 counts. Then lower the head slowly.
  • Lifting the chin-Stand with a straight back and neck. Chin raised towards the celling. Keep lips pursed as you are kissing.
  • Roll the neck-Keep the spine straight. Turn head to one side, keeping chin parallel to the shoulder. Eyes should look on the same side.
  • Platysma exercise-Keep neck erect. Tighten the lips over the teeth. The tendon muscles will feel tense. You will have a frowning look.
  • Tennis ball exercise- Hold the ball on the throat with the chin. Press the ball and release it ten times.

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