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Longest day of the year to occur in Ramadan

Dubai: The longest day of the year will coincide with Ramadan, with humidity and temperatures expected to increase, resulting in hotter days and uncomfortable evenings this month.

The summer solstice, the longest day of the year which falls every June 21 (Sunday), will mark the beginning of summer in the UAE, with an increase in average temperatures of about two to three degrees Celsius compared with May. The long daylight hours will bring the total fasting time on Sunday to 15 hours and five minutes.

The weather in Ramadan will be hot in general to very hot at times during the daytime. The average temperature during the first half of the month of Ramadan will be between 33C and 35C. The mean maximum temperature will be between 40C and 43C, according to a forecaster from the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS).

“The intensity of solar radiation is highest during this time. The summer solstice on Sunday will bring the longest fasting day but the daylight hours will start to shrink by one minute and some seconds beginning on the 22nd of June,” the forecaster told Gulf News.

The forecaster said the mercury may hit the 50C to 52C range this Ramadan. Historically, the highest temperature recorded for the month of June took place in Al Yasat in 2010 at 52C. July’s highest temperature reading was in 2002 when Al Jazeera recorded 52.1C.

By evening, temperatures will drop to between 27C and 31C, but relative humidity will increase. Read More

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