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The King Of Bollywood Is In Dubai To Promote His New Movie And He Was Absolutely Mobbed

Everywhere he went

The sheer size and stardom of Bollywood actors have never been felt as much outside of India as it has been in Dubai lately. Everything there is a new movie released, the lead star comes to a premier in Dubai and we witness the mass following that these superstars have. Recently Hrithik Roshan was in town to promote his movie, but now Shah Rukh Khan, known as SRK or The King Of Bollywood has come to Dubai to promote his new movie Raees.

Crowds gathered at the Arabian Centre

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This huge crowd of fans waiting to see Shah Rukh Khan at Arabian Center Dubai is the sign of his mega stardom worldwide.❤️

SRK was mobbed on arrival

He shared this photo on his Facebook page where his is invisible among the thousands of people

Earlier in the day he was at Dubai Parks & Resorts

Now that Bollywood has it’s own theme park in Dubai Parks & Resorts, there is even more of a focal point and destination for visiting movie stars from India to attend.

How cool 2 hav rides of ur films & way cooler is ur lil baby is the first 1 2 go on the ride with u! Papa is a hero!

I Am SRK has a massive following on Social Media

  • 23 million followers on Twitter
  • 22 million fans on Facebook
  • 5.4 million followers on Instagram

He watched the movie in 2D glasses

For those interested, here is the trailer for the movie

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