Kangana Ranaut refusing to endorse fairness products is a bold step in breaking stereotypes

As Kangana Ranaut declines a whopping offer of Rs. 2 crore to endorse a fairness product, she is on her way to changing mindsets once again. But will she succeed in a country like India which has a fetish for fair skin?

Every Friday works in two ways for a film star – either it opens up a war chest in the form of endorsements of a myriad products arising out of sweet success at the box office, or there is an aura of melancholy that hangs in the air refusing to dissipate after rejection of a film by the audience. When the film becomes a hit, one finds the stars suddenly endorsing a plethora of products riding on the bandwagon of success achieved. After all, it is ephemeral and lasts only from one Friday to the next.

So the advertisers would have thought that Kangana Ranaut would also follow suit after the phenomenal success of Tanu Weds Manu Returns by embarking on a trip of endorsements and, in case of a female star, it usually is in the form of beauty product endorsements. More so those products that supposedly enhance the color of the skin and convert dark skin into white skin overnight as a successful star has started endorsing it.

But Kangana being Kangana Ranaut refused to bite the bullet of endorsement (reportedly Rs. 2 crore) and has created a stir in the market as she has once again chosen to tread on a path of her own.Her reason for doing so stemmed from the fact that her sister has a dusky endowment, but it indeed has given a strong signal to the industry to not take the film stars for granted to endorse products that may not have a social acceptance.

One needs to underline that Kangana Ranaut is not ploughing the lone furrow, but she is the most successful ambassador espousing the cause supported ably by the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Irffan Khan etc., who also refused to take the bait.

For Kangana, the celebrity endorsement if not done with objectivity, is more akin to spreading disinformation about a product as also undermining the confidence of an individual who is not fair, as one hardly finds an endorsement underlining the dark complexion. For Kangana Ranaut, being a celebrity comes with lots of social responsibilities that cannot be crucified at the altar of commerce.


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