Is Katrina Kaif playing games with both Salman Khan & Ranbir?

Looks like actress Katrina Kaif has perfected the art of juggling between the two men of her life – Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor.

Being one of the most beautiful and sought after actress, Kaif is spoilt for choice. She plays the cool customer with the media, takes no nonsense and appears to be only concerned with her work.

But this cool Kat also knows how to play her cards with her rumoured present and past boyfriends.

The ultimate godfather of Bollywood, Salman Khan has always been very protective towards his protégé and Kat never forgets this weakness.

Recently Katrina has made a confession that was long due. After using every trick in the book to keep her romantic alliance with Bollywood’s angry man Salman under wraps, and snubbing every controversy with

her coy smile, Katrina Kaif has boldly owned up to her cushy clandestine love affair with the macho actor.

Of course, they are not together anymore but Katrina doesn’t seem to remember it very clearly. She is always at Galaxy apartment, Salman’s residence, always attending every family function of the Khans.

Katrina hangs out with the Khan Sisters and maintains her close relationship with the entire family.

Maybe Katrina is yet to get over Salman. But again her actions speaks different story.

Lover boy Ranbir Kapoor often pays Katrina late night visits. But it’s not just him. Even Katrina has been spotted several times visiting Ranbir at wee hours.

Ranbir and Katrina may vehemently say they both are single, but their late night rendezvous hints otherwise.

He was spotted leaving his rumoured girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s house at 12.45am wearing a blue sweatshirt, white trousers and a red cap. Ranbir also made a failed attempt to avoid getting clicked.

Both Ranbir and Katrina maintain that they are just friends but than why do they meet each other only during wee hours.

Why can’t both actors meet in broad daylight like they do with other friends?

Katrina has no issues being spotted with Salman Khan and his family so why the hesitation of being spotted with Ranbir.

Maybe, just maybe Salman can now see through the femme fatale. Her ex-boyfriend is too smart to fall for her coy, simpering act.

The world may believe that Salman continues to be besotted by Katrina, but reports in Asian Age say that this actress is unwilling to let go of Salman completely.

Recently at a private do Katrina was fussing over Salman and giving him her undivided attention. But Salman remained far from impressed.

He apparently ignored her advances all through the evening much to her dismay.

We wonder what will be Katrina’s next move, maybe a late night visit to Ranbir Kapoor!

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