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An Iranian Student’s Facebook Post About Being Taken Off The Plane in Dubai Goes Viral

The Facebook post of Nazanin Zinouri, an Iranian PhD graduate, who has been residing in the United States for seven years, is receiving a lot of reaction not just of friends, family and strangers but also news outlets who want to know more.

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Zinouri, stated in the post, that she left behind her dog and home to the States to visit her family back in Tehran, something she only gets to do once a year. Brimming with excitement about being reunited with her mother, Zinouri finally reached Iran after a gruelling 28-hour trip.


Shortly after, Zinouri read drafts of the possibility of being banned back from re-entering the country due to her nationality. Zinouri had to urgently book a flight back, a few hours after the new order was signed. Upon transit in Dubai International Airport, Nazanin boarded her flight to Washington but was asked to leave the plane.

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