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Interview with H.E Mr. Sanjay Verma, the Indian Consul General to Dubai










We got the privilege to speak to His Excellency Mr. Sanjay Verma, the Indian Consul General in Dubai. Mr Verma spends time with BollywoodDubai to answer a few questions.

Mr. Sanjay Verma joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1990. As a career diplomat, his overseas assignments have included Economic and Commercial work in Hong Kong; Press, Political and Consular responsibilities in Manila; Spokesperson of the Embassy, Counsellor Culture and Secretary of the India-Nepal B.P.Koirala Foundation in Kathmandu and as the Head of the Economic and Commercial Wing in the Indian Embassy in Beijing.

Assignments at the headquarters in South Block have included the China Desk and as aide to the Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry. Prior to Dubai his last assignment in New Delhi was as the first Joint Secretary (Director General) of the newly created Energy Security Division in the Ministry of External Affairs.

Sanjay Verma has grown up in India’s commercial capital Mumbai. A state rank holder in Higher Secondary from Wilson College, he graduated with distinction from Mumbai University’s Jai Hind College with an Honours degree in Economics. He holds a Masters in International Studies from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and also a Fellowship in International Studies from the University Grant Commission of India.


BD: How does it feel to represent India in DUBAI?

SV: Representing India is always a pleasure, if it’s Dubai or elsewhere, flying the flag is always special.


BD: What’s your view on Sheikh Mohammad investing in Bollywood Theme park in Dubai?

SV: I wasn’t aware of the Bollywood theme park coming up in Dubai, that’s a good idea; But I always felt we should have a Bollywood museum in Mumbai and we are losing out on that, theme park is different its more like a Disneyland, I was thinking in more of serious monument and record of glorious history of Bollywood cinema that goes back to 1896!


BD: As consul general of India are you planning to promote Bollywood Industry in Dubai?

SV: I don’t have to do anything to promote Bollywood, Bollywood promote itself, its one of those things that we don’t have to push, it finds its own level, but what I would like to see Bollywood do, which I cant help in anyway for Bollywood should raise its game by producing quality cinema and win awards critically and show our trends in both the technical architects in making and the creativity  and that not happening, In a year we are having 3-4 good films which you call world class most of the time its quite mediocre, which is actually delighting our intelligence & I would want to see support quality cinema.



BD: What’s your view on a monument like TAJ MAHAL being built in Dubai?

SV: We will see when it happens and people will judge which one is the original and tribute.


BD: What do you have to say about Indian educational institutions like Springdale coming up in Dubai?

SV: The fact that India is recognised globally, we got our professional in various different streams like Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs & many others. Their times were we need to popularise or make international our standards in whatever area by Springdale’s or any other Indian educational institution, what we are trying to do is share our high service quality in the education sector and in a way we are trying to take out of our country, which probably is the best practice of education. Springdale’s is an additional flower to the Boca of Indian Institutions in Dubai & I wish them all the very best of their wonderful work.


BD: What message would you like to convey to the Indian’s living in Dubai?

SV: I’m grateful and privileged to be a representative of the Indian community, I’m happy to be here in Dubai. I think it’s the most positive Indian community globally. People have always supported me and I have always done what I could do to make things easy, better and build bridges between India and UAE. Keep doing what you’re doing as it helps build two countries, in an indirect manner helps build India as well. Just remember specially those who have been here for long time, never forget to respect the locals and their traditions don’t take them for granted & just carry on doing the good work.


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