Interview with Anu Ranjan about Gr8! Women Awards ME 2015

1) How does it feel to be the first award show to be part of DSF?
It’s an absolute honour for The 5th. GR8! Women Awards Middle East 2015 to be associated with the DSF and we’re most grateful to Ms Laila Sohail for giving us this opportunity and access to this prestigious, global platform.

2) How did this come about?
We had approached Ms Sohail for an affiliation with DSF some time ago. She and her team deliberated and evaluated the possibility internally – we were told that they were all quite impressed with our previous shows here in Dubai, our brand, our style, our getting together achievers from varied hues of life on a common platform, the award ceremonies, our other associates – I guess it all added up for them and hence they granted us this opportunity.

3) Why is it important to be part of DSF?
Like I said, DSF is a very prestigious and a hugely global platform. An affiliation with DSF increases the awareness of what we’re doing at an international level. The efforts of all our awardees, the women achievers who we set out to honor, deserve worldwide recognition and hopefully this exposure gained through DSF will help us accomplish that quicker.

4) What can you tell us about the entertainment this year?
Why were the celebrity guests chosen? What do they offer the evening? We have many familiar faces from Bollywood attending The 5th. GR8! Women Awards Middle East 2015 & participating in the event this year. They’ve all been chosen given their high levels of popularity & the admiration there is for these stars in Dubai. Through them and thru their vast social media connections we hope spread our message and we hope to reach out to a much larger audience locally & worldwide.

5) Are there any new categories of award this year?
How have you gone about selecting the great women? Yes, there are a few new genres we’ve added this year. These categories were created and the award recipients were selected after considerable surveys, studies and scrutiny done by our research teams.

6) Who are the standout winners for you this year?
All our winners at The 5th. GR8! Women Awards Middle East 2015 are standout winners. Each person had done exemplary work in each of her fields. Maybe we can talk again post the event & then you can answer that question for me.

7) As it has been five years, what are your stand out memories of shows gone past?
Every Woman Achiever I’ve met during the 5 years here and the 14 years of this event in India has been an unbelievable story of brilliance, struggle, determination, dedication, and selflessness… They’ve been an inspiration to meet and they are what has encourages and motivated us to go on all these years.

8) Why is it important to continue honouring women from around the region in Dubai?
These women have done exceptional work in the region. They too deserve to be lauded and applauded for this hard work. They are role models for many more young women out there. Any amount of appreciation for their efforts can never be enough.

9) What changes have you seen over the years in terms of choosing the winners, what they are being honoured for and putting on the show?
The change in the GR8! Women Awards Middle East is simply the supplementary categories that are being added on each year. Women are being honored for doing outstanding work in fields once considered male bastions… be it law, literature, finance, economics, medicine, science & technology etc. Women are excelling in everything and like I said, any amount of appreciation for this work is not enough.

10) Anything else you’d like to add?
Yes, it’s also a continuation of my last answer… the GR8! Women Awards Middle East event has grown manifold since we first started out… In addition to the award ceremony the event now also features music and dance performances, fashion shows, stand up acts and it will likely see more in the years to come. We’re quite excited about the event this year & are eagerly looking forward to continuing this association with DSF for many years to come – we’ve already got some mega plans worked out for The GR8! Women Awards Middle East 2020..!!!


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