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How this crow saves people from committing suicide is really stunning!

It’s time we rethink who is man’s best friend! Ahmedabad, India recently came up with a beautiful riverfront which became a beacon of development. Unfortunately it also got emerged as a suicide point for many people.
This crow saves people from committing suicide at Sabarmati Riverfront
Fortunately, Ahmedabad got a gift in the form of a crow which saves life of the people attempting to commit suicide. Though the government has lift the ban of suicide, but this creature understands the value of life much better than us.

Every time the crow sees anyone jumping into Sabarmati riverfront, it rushes to the Fire Brigade office and start croaking. The rescue team rushed to the spot and saves people from drowning.

This Sunday, Fire brigade office received a call that a couple had jumped at Riverfront. Before they get informed, this crow flew to them and started cawing relentlessly. After the message from the crow, the rescue team reaches the spot.

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