Here’s how much Kapil Sharma and his team earns per show. We bet you will be stunned

The established Bollywood actors are definitely earning a fortune out of each project they are doing and we all know that. And when it comes to TV celebs, the scenario is no different. Have you ever wondered how much comedian Kapil Sharma earns per show? No?

Here’s how much Kapil Sharma and his team earns, and we bet you will be stunned…

Do you know Kapil Sharma earns a whopping Rs 40 lakh PER SHOW? Well, yeah you read it right. According to a report by, he is paid such a hefty amount, as he not only hosts the show, but also takes care of the creatives, which add to the brand value.

The report also suggests that Kapil charged Rs 75 lakh for the show he hosted in Malaysia. And while the organisers were in a dilemma about whether to pay such a big amount or not, they apparently did, as they did not want to let him go.

The comedian has also bought a Range Rover Evoque which costs around Rs 50 lakh.

From Gutthi to Palak, here’s what his team earns…


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