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Here are some of the biggest goof-ups of this fashion diva’s career!

1)   Mausam

An absolute disaster of a film, Sonam should’ve probably turned it down. Mausam was indeed ‘Beimaan’ at the box office, for this one.


2)   Mocking Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Sonam took a dig at the Queen of Bollywood by calling her, ‘Aunty Ji’. With all due respect Sonam, Aishwarya ‘Aunty’ can still give you a run for your money!


3)   Lashing out on Shobaa De

After Shobaa De commented on Sonam’s ‘sexiness quotient,’ Sonam reverted by calling her a ‘Porn Writer’ and a ‘Menopausing Old Fossil.’ Your insults are like an Anglicized version of Anil Kapoor’s gaalis!


4)   Comments on Ranbir’s Sexiness

On a popular reality show, both Sonam and Deepike made some really punny comments against Ranbir and his sexiness. Well, Deepika was just reeling from the breakup, but what made Sonam make these remarks is worth speculating over.


5)   Rejecting Finding Fanny

Deepika’s performance in Finding Fanny was lauded by many, and loved by all. Even the film was received well, by many critics. Too bad for Sonam who rejected it despite being the first choice for the film.


6)   Insulting Katrina Kaif

Sonam Kapoor even had the audacity to call Katrina ‘Shameless!’ Now that she’s ticked off Katrina too, guess who won’t be invited to Ranbir and Katrina’s wedding?


7)  This Bikini Scene

When Sonam stripped down to a bikini in Bewakoofiyaan, it was anything but hot. We wonder why she did it, but all of our thoughts just vanish in THIN air. Hehe. Get it? Nevermind.


Now it is debatable whether her antics could qualify as mistakes, but here’s what we have to say. In an industry where your perception is the means to your ‘bread and butter,’ Sonam’s antics are clearly giving her a bad name!

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