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Guys Share What They Really Think When You Wear Leggings

Guys Share What They Really Think When You Wear Leggings

Leggings started out as a way to wear skirts and dresses in the colder months (and a way to wear them to schools with ridiculous dress codes.) But for the past few years, it has become fashionably acceptable for them to double as pants themselves.

Lots of people have called into question the classiness of the fashion trend. But, for the most part, they can be pulled off nicely, as long as they’re paired with a longer shirt or sweater. The majority of the debates and comments have always come from ladies themselves, but have you ever wondered how guys feel about this fad?

My husband was picking me up from the subway station recently and saw a girl wearing leggings, he immediately commented that he can’t imagine wearing those in this weather without freezing. I explained to him that there are different kinds of leggings made with different material and some are surprisingly warm. I couldn’t help but wonder if all guys are truly this unaware about how leggings work. So, I decided to survey men about their thoughts when they see girls wearing leggings to find out!

Overall, guys aren’t loving the leggings. While many guys actually do believe girls look great in them (mostly because they show off their bum), the majority of guys are either concerned about your body temperature in winter or feel they aren’t suitable as pants.

When asked what they think when they see a girl wearing leggings, here’s what a few guys had to say:

About wearing leggings in the cold:


“I wonder how they can wear them without freezing! And I’m curious as to how it even became popular.”

“Can’t be warm in the winter.”

Those don’t even look like pants. Are those pants?


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