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GUIDE: Getting home insurance in Dubai, UAE

Getting home insurance in Dubai

Home insurance in Dubai!  How’s our handy guide on how to make sure your home and possessions are super secure.

Home insurance in Dubai queries increased three-fold at the start of 2016, says home services website

Demand typically leaps up at the start of the year, says the firm’s insurance experts, but this year’s unusually high surge in enquiries was linked to the devastating fire on New Year’s Eve at the Address Hotel, which has since been blamed on an electrical fault.

“This incident caused many UAE residents to look at their own homes and ask themselves, ‘Am I protected?’,” said MoveSouq’s chief executive officer Bana Shomali.

Haris Milonas, vice president and head of consumer lines at Oman Insurance, added: “Such unexpected incidents highlight the important value of home insurance covers. Insurance is a simple way to protect your home and cushion the blow from such devastating events. Today, contrary to what people think, home insurance is very affordable and just a phone call away.”

Dubai dwellers have traditionally been slow to pick up on the need for home insurance. In a 2015 poll of 200 residents, found that more than 6 out of 10 people do not have home insurance.


Eli Gentle

While two thirds of homeowners had insurance in place to cover their home and contents, only one quarter of renters had taken out coverage.

Are you one of the six out of 10?’s head of product Development, Eli Gentle has some insurance tips for easy adulting.


My collection of 1990s CD singles is priceless. How much coverage do you need?

Home contents and personal possessions coverage amounts vary widely, depending on everything from how your home is furnished to the value of your wardrobe.

shutterstock_218039734Bags of bling? Fancy furniture? Make a check list of all your possessions – things like furniture, clothes, shoes, electronics and jewellery before requesting a home insurance quote.

For building insurance, in the case of villas, you should know the approximate rebuild value.

A good rule of thumb is to use the number of bedrooms to get a rough estimate of the coverage you need. Between AED 50,000-100,000 of coverage per bedroom of your home should be sufficient to cover the contents and possessions of most renters.

For example, a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment with one or two valuable items worth more than AED 10,000, such as a luxury watch and jewellery would require AED 150,000-AED 200,000 of coverage.

But how do you know if an insurance company is legitimate?

You should purchase a home insurance policy from a licensed insurance company in the UAE. If you are unsure about which company to use, a third party provider, like, can ensure that you receive quotes from legitimate firms.

Got it. So, how do you apply?

To start, you’ll need to have a residency visa and a tenancy contract.

shutterstock_59886838You can purchase home insurance from individual insurance companies, some of which offer online payment on their websites. If you want to compare multiple offers in one place, you can use a service such as, which will throw out a host of quotes based on the info you provide..

Oh no, disaster. How do you claim?

Each insurance company has a separate claims process, but in most instances, you will be expected to contact the company immediately after the incident. They will require documentation including  police reports, proof of value for high value items, and proof of tenancy, like a lease agreement. Source

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