From Baraily to USA- here’s looking at Priyanka Chopra’s remarkable journey!

After making a mark in Bollywood, PC is being seen as FBI trainee Alex Parrish in American TV series, Quantico. Here’s taking a look at her remarkable journey
Who would have thought that there would come a day, when we would see Priyanka Chopra having a fun chat with Jimmy Kimmel and breaking into a Bollywood dance on Good Morning America?I guess the same must seem surreal, to PC herself. When Priyanka started out, she had big dreams. What’s amazing is to know that she has achieved most of them, on the basis of her talent and dedication. Today, Priyanka represents India across the border and that too, in an intelligent way. She’s breaking stereotypical notions and telling the world that India is not just about snake charmers, call centres or curry. There’s a lot more to see and cherish here.  Apart from making to America’s small screens, the actress also managed to earn a spot on the country’s music charts. Her single Exotic got her a nominated at the Europe Music Awards 2015. PC has come a long way,and that too without any godfathers or male superstars to show her the path. Here’s taking a look at her remarkable journey:
PC hails from an Army background. Her mother and late father were both physicians in the Indian Army. As a result PC moved around a lot but she calls Bareilly her home town. The actress participated in the Femina Miss India contest in the year 2000 and was given the miss World title. She was crowned Miss World the same year, and soon began her Bollywood journey. On the Anupam Kher Show, PC had revealed that she was competitive as a child and simply hated losing. She also had a quirky side to her where she used to mimic people, much to her parents’ embarrassment!
#Bollywood calling
After winning the Miss World title, PC made her Bollywood debut with Andaaz where she shared screen space with Akshay Kumar and former Miss Universe, Lara Dutta.Priyanka had stated that she had picked up most of her training in acting from her film sets, as she was new and didn’t know how to go about it. She also revealed that she has learnt punctuality from her co-star Akshay and the ability to make any role memorable from Amitabh Bachchan. From Andaaz to Mary Kom, PC has come a long way. Her most celebrated role has been of Jhilmil in Barfi. How AWESOME was PC in that? The actress had mentioned that she took on Barfi, only because director Anurahg Basu, thought she couldn’t. She accepted the challenge and nailed it like how.
# While growing up
Though PC is making waves as Alex Parrish in the USA, she had stayed in the country with her aunt for a few years, before becoming a public before. Pc had revealed that this phase of her life was a troubled one, as had faced racism and was called a brownie. The actress had also said that she was insecure about her looks while growing up, as she didn’t consider herself as very pretty. can you imagine Miss World 2000 saying that? Well PC you brought home the crown so, that definitely means that you are talented and gorgeous!
# Breaking through
Like any other actor, Priyanka too witnessed a low point in her career where her films like God Tussi great Ho and Aap Ki Khaatir, failed at the box office. But PC bounced back and got the nation talking about her once again with Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion, where she played a troubled model. Since then, there has been no looking back for this babe. The beauty is all set to be seen as Kashibai in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film, Bajirao Mastani.

when in Bareilly
And today, PC is taking USA by a storm with her role as Alex Parrish in ABC’s Quantico. The actress plays an FBI trainee in the series and has made appearances on America’s most popular shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and Good Morning America. How freakin’ amazing is that? PC in an exclusive chat with us, revealed how she bagged the role.” For me, it was very different. Most actors audition for a lot of shows. But for me, I had done a special deal with ABC, they scout talent around the world. So, when Kelly Lee, who is in casting, came down, I was shooting Gunday. She said they wanted to do a development deal where they find the right show for me. They had done similar deals with Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria and a few other actresses, where they find the right show for that talent. So then I had to go to LA and read the 25 pilots that they had picked for me, tell them the ones I liked, which was around three or four scripts. If it ends up working for everyone from writers, directors and the creative team, you end up doing it. So I am happy that I got my first pick which was Quantico!”
PC received some tremendous reviews by American publications as her stint as Alex in the series. We bet this hottie will go a long way. All hail PC!

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