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All The Extra Food From Hotels And Supermarkets Is Finally Being Put To Good Use

Ever been at a brunch and thought about the massive food wastage? You’re not the only one. Hotels, restaurants and supermarket chains in Dubai see a massive amount of waste every day, but the launch of a new initiative means this is about to change.

The UAE Food Bank launched last week …

There is AED 13 BILLION worth of food wasted in the UAE every year and the bulk of this comes from restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

Already 10% of the above donate their food waste to local charities, but the UAE Food Bank aims to see a massive increase in this figure, the bank will act as a channel to ensure all excess of fresh or dry food will be donated to charities within the UAE and further abroad.

Similar practices have been going on for the past few years, but never on this scale

Charities such as Social Project of the Royati Family Society have been leading the drive for over a decade, but due to food safety concerns the numbers have never risen. Now, with official input from the government, the Food Bank should have a much bigger impact.

Large chains have expressed interest in the drive

The Jumeirah Group, Jaleel Holdings and  the Fathima Group are some some of the big groups already attached to the initiative.

The plan for the next three years is already in place


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